Damaged Kidney: Limit Your Consumption Of These Items To Reduce Your Chances Of Becoming A Victim- [CHECK OUT]

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The kidneys’ role in maintaining good health is crucial. The regulation of blood pressure and the maintenance of fluid equilibrium are two examples of the functions they serve. Urinary excretion of excess protein and minerals is a function of the kidneys. Waste products like excess protein and minerals build up in the body when the kidneys aren’t functioning properly.

Maintaining normal blood pressure and glucose levels can protect renal health and slow the course of renal illness. To protect your kidneys, it’s important to eat healthily and avoid or greatly reduce your intake of specific foods. Reduced intake of saturated fat, protein, and even sodium, potassium, and phosphorus are all part of a kidney-friendly diet.

According to WebMD. Avoiding these five foods to protect your kidneys from possible injury.

1. Red meat.

Urine is the route for elimination of the byproducts of protein metabolism, urea and creatinine, produced by the kidneys. Red meats have a lot of protein. In this way, the kidneys may be overburdened by the waste products generated by a diet high in red meat. Animal proteins, especially shellfish, cause the body to manufacture uric acid, and an excess of uric acid can cause kidney stones, which can be harmful to the kidneys.

2. Salt.

There is no diet that can be considered “complete” without salt, and while it is required for food to have flavor, it is recommended to consume only a moderate amount. Consuming too much salt can raise blood pressure and harm the kidneys. The cardiovascular system may also be negatively impacted by hypertension. Taking the salt shaker off the table is an easy approach to reducing sodium intake. The high salt content of pickles and canned products makes them a poor dietary choice.

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3. Processed foods.

Several studies have shown that diets high in phosphate are detrimental to kidney health. Immediately, phosphorus affects the artery lining. The consumption of colas and other processed meals, like deli meats and frozen items, has been linked to a large increase in blood phosphate levels.

4. Painkillers.

You may feel compelled to take medication every day to alleviate your chronic headache, but doing so could have serious consequences for your kidneys. Although they may temporarily alleviate your pain, they have been linked to an elevated risk of kidney cancer. According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, people who use opiates chronically have a 50% greater risk of acquiring kidney cancer.

5. Alcohol.


If you need wine or alcohol to get through the day, you may be doing damage to your kidneys. Multiple studies have shown that increasing alcohol consumption above four drinks per day doubles the risk of developing chronic kidney disease.


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