Circle Phone Dealers At It Again As iPhone Sold To A Customer Turns To Stone-[SEE PHOTOS]

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Most of the time, phone sellers near Kwame Nkrumah Circle have been in the news for the wrong reasons. Phone scammers are unconcerned about a person’s personality; they have defrauded numerous individuals, including me as a woman. Even rapper Amerado appears to have been harmed by these individuals. There are some reputable phone sellers in the area, but a few bad apples are damaging the reputation of the rest of the good ones. They conceal an inferior phone in the back of their pocket while showing the buyer an original phone. As the conversation progresses and the price is agreed upon, he magically switches the one in his pocket.

Another person has fallen victim to these ruthless individuals. When he got home, an iPhone he thought he had paid for miraculously changed into tiles. The only thing he can be proud of is the genuine-looking screen. Aside from that, there is no earphone port, no charging port, and no volume buttons.


In other words, the easiest way to avoid being scammed in places like this is to ignore them and head straight to phone shops. The only way to avoid paying exorbitant prices for tiles or soap is to do so.

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