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For as long as can be traced back, People have had various and varied reasons for choosing or selecting a partner. Be it men or women, the reasons and criteria for selection differ from place to place, time to time, and culture to culture.

In recent times the criteria for selecting partners have been dominated largely by money for women and looks for men. Most men seem drawn towards curvy women and here are some of the reasons.

They Have Better S3x

Some research shows that thicker women enjoy sex more and are great partners to be with if you want to enjoy your s3x life. Scientists found that it all boils down to more endorphins, which means more sensations when you’re between the Sheets! Apparently, the more curvy and thick she is, the more endorphins her body produces and hence more sexual feelings. Saves you from too much work before getting her in the mood.

Child-bearing Potentials

Ladies with very low waist-to-hip ratios (whose waists are much narrower than their hips) are more likely to be relatively young and are more likely to be able to bore more children, especially in their mid to late twenties. According to a February 20th, 1993 publication of The British Medical Journal, doctors found that healthy hippy women conceived relatively easier than other women. So, you know what to do to reduce the risk of child-bearing problems.

Curves Can Be Good Pillows

Some guys swear laying your head on soft bouncy boobs or butts is the most calming experience there is. They say it rejuvenates and refreshes the mind for more productivity and motivates you to make more money.

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Confidence Booster

Having a beautiful lady well endowed in the right places can boost a man’s confidence to conquer the world. Men are egoistic creatures by nature and nothing boosts a man’s sense of ego and pride more than a woman that turns heads by his side, – after money of course.


The best you could ever wish for as a man is when you get a woman with all the right curves, manners, and a brilliant head on top of it – the total package!


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