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Knowing your blood group helps a lot in terms of improving your health. However, it also helps reveal a lot about your personality.

As you know, there are four (4) main types of blood groups and they are blood type A, AB, B and O. Each group could either be positive or negative which makes it eight (8) groups in all. The blood group is based on antigens and antibodies. Antibodies are proteins that help the body fight against bacteria and other diseases. Antigens are also biological compounds that also play key roles in the body.

Japanese researchers have proven that the human blood group is connected with character traits and this reveals a lot about people.

Here are the various blood groups and the kind of personality traits people with such groups portray.

• People with blood group O


Japanese researchers and experts reveal that people with blood type O are known to be open-minded, sociable and intuitive. These people are excellent communicators and they easily match up with others. Due to this, they are classified as “the real people’s people” and they tend to be the heart of every conversation. They can easily brighten your day and make it a remarkable one. However, people with blood type O are normally seen as self-centred people and may usually have problems with others who are not that sociable.


• People with blood group A

The next group of people are those with blood group A. Japanese newspaper published way back in 1927 about personality traits reveal that, people with blood type A are mostly responsible, persistent, creative and intelligent. They actually know what they want and they actually do everything to go for it. People with blood type A are mostly characterized by sudden and unreasonable mood swings but they find always find ways and means to later get relaxed. With this, others enjoy the presence of people with blood type A.

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• People with blood type B

These people according to Japanese researchers are energetic, fun, very creative and passionate. They possess a lot of power and strength but can be selfish, unpredictable and a little irresponsible. However, people are always curious to know more about these groups of people because of their strong charisma.

• People with blood type AB

Finally, people with blood type AB are believed to be controlling, rational and strong-willed. They do not want to depend on others but rather to rely on themselves own self and also find ways and means to overcome any situation they encounter.


The above are personality traits of the various blood groups. Look forward to another article on the compatibility tests of these blood groups for your relationships.

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