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An average Ghanaian does call it “Alanta”. Knock knees genu valgum is a condition in which the knees tilt inward while the ankles remain spaced apart. The condition is slightly more common in girls, though boys can develop it too. Knock knees are usually part of a child’s normal growth and development.

Surgery is typically not required for knock knees and if it is recommended the cost varies by the type of surgery. Surgery options include guided growth-type surgery, osteotomies corrective cutting of the bones, and knee replacement surgery and the cost of those procedures vary significantly depending on the surgery type.

Unfortunately, in most instances, genu valgum cannot be prevented as it is a consequence of an individual’s normal bone development. Fortunately, in children, it oftentimes resolves on its own. For adults, regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can help to prevent the progression and development of knee arthritis which may be a cause of genu valgum.

Many parents wonder how to fix knock knees or bow legs, but if your child has one of these conditions there’s no need to worry about. Knock-knee is a common childhood condition where your knees angle towards each other. In severe cases, doctors can perform a surgery called.

Butterfly flutters. Yes, this is a yoga pose that stretches your knee cap, and other adjoining muscles in such a manner that their alignment can be rectified. Side lunges. Side lunges are a great way to tone your legs, especially your inner thighs. Exercises like these can you get ride of knock knees.

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Knock knees don’t usually cause any other problems, although a few severe cases may cause knee pain, a limp or difficulty walking. Knock knees that don’t improve on their own can also place your knees under extra pressure, which may increase your risk of developing arthritis. Knock knees are a normal part of a child’s growth and development.


If not corrected on time, then knock knees can prove to be really painful for you Severe pain in joints, bad posture, problem in walking, bone. Please stop insulting people with knock leg they are humans just like you and I.

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