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“According to”, have you ever seen a tiny hole above your ear or the ear of someone else and wondered what it means? If yes, you are at the right place and that is what I want to discuss in this article. This tiny hole above your ear is called a preauricular pit. It is a small hole in front of the upper ear, located just between the face and the cartilage of the ear rim.

A preauricular pit may occur on one or both sides of the ear. Research has shown that it is a common birth abnormality. Most people with this type of hole in the ear do not encounter extra signs. However, the pit can periodically become infected, which requires antibiotic treatment. In cases of recurrent infection, surgery can be carried out.

What is a preauricular pit?

Research has shown that the preauricular pit is a common birth abnormality. These pits may occur on one or both ears, and there may be more than one pit present. However, it is more prevalent for there to be a pit in only one ear. Research has shown that the hole is correlated to a sinus tract that should not be there. This track runs under the skin, and its path can either be short or long and confounded.

It is also important you know that these holes are minor abnormalities that do not induce serious complications. However, some people evolve an infection in the pit and the sinus tract. Sometimes, an abscess may form at the site of the pit. Recurrent infections may need surgery.


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