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Both experts agree that the most effective way men can limit their joystick shrinkage over time is by making healthy lifestyle choices when it comes to diet, exercise, limiting alcohol consumption, and not smoking. “The reason many men have a larger loss of size overtime is usually due to an enlarging belly.

Can Your Man joystick Shrink?

The man can lose about a centimetre of length from your rock-solid thirties to when you’re in your about-to-retire sixties.

How to Stop Penis Shrinkage

In certain cases, such as when diseases such as prostate cancer cause a hormonal imbalance, the man joystick can “inflate” with the help of hormonal therapy & change of lifestyle.

What are the causes of penis shrinkage?

1. Ageing

Ageing is a sad enough fact of life, but we’ve got some upsetting news, boys. As you age, your penis is likely to lose some of his length. But it’s not just your old fellow that shrinks, your testicles are also likely to get slightly smaller.

2) Smoking

You know it causes cancer, heart disease and increases your risk of stroke among other deadly conditions. But this might just be the reason that gets all men to stub out the fags once and for all.

Tips That Could Help Prevent The Male Private Organ From Becoming Smaller


First and foremost, engage in healthy lifestyle habits, stop cigarette smoking, limit alcohol consumption, and avoid weight gain. Second, to maintain a healthy s3x life, use your pens, which will keep your erectile tissue from shortening and shrinking.

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