Check Out Things You Should Never Do To Your V@g!na- [CHECK OUT]

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The v@g!na is beautiful, extremely new, and somewhat chaotic as well. It is the wellspring of tomfoolery, new life, and those aggravating feminine issues consistently. It is the most significant body part of a lady and it needs equivalent consideration as you typically provide for different parts. One benefit why you ought to consider taking great consideration of your vàgina is, that assuming you wear’ t, you will be more open to contaminations.

Do not Get your vagina pierced

Piercings in private areas are the new trend. Do not do it just because you think it is cool, because this will cause some crucial harm to your vàgina. Since the vágina is a very sensitive area, by getting a piercing performed down there, you are making it easily prone to infections and if not done suitably it may also lead to nerve damage


Do not Wear tight underwear

Now let us begin with the basics. You should never wear tight underwear, particularly if you have a long day ahead. Wearing one will cause sweating and also chafing of the skin. If there is sweat around your vágina, it provides way more heat and moisture and that can put you at risk of yeast infection.

  • Steaming. Gwyneth Paltrow may endorse steaming your vagina to “balance female hormones”, but gynaecologist and certified reproductive endocrinologist Dr Natasha Andreadis certainly doesn’t. …
  • Dyeing your pubes. …
  • Rough play. …
  • Douching. …
  • Using certain foods for fun. …
  • Piercings.


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