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Healthline reports that Even if he is not infected with any diseases, a man’s reproductive health can be compromised. This condition could be linked to his poor eating habits and way of living. A man must be aware of several things he should do regularly to keep his p3nis healthy. Some men injure their penis by doing the following:

1. Some men do not maintain the health of their penis. They don’t wash it off after having physical contact. They don’t change out of their boxer underwear after a steamy day. As a result, white sebaceous glands on their p3nis may secrete. As this builds up over time, it produces inflammation and redness in their foreskin.

2. They are on erection-inducing medication. Self-prescribing drugs can be dangerous if you aren’t a pharmacist or a medical specialist. You should see a doctor to be tested, and they will prescribe the proper prescription.

3. They eat high-sugar foods, which contribute to health problems like diabetes and hypertension, as well as nervous system deterioration. When a man consumes enough food to meet all of his body’s nutritional requirements, he is more likely to develop diabetes or cardiovascular disease. As a result, his penis may be injured.


4. Some men suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result of being overworked and stressed. This has been connected to certain men’s infertility. 5. Some men refuse to take any medical tests to see if a woman is infected with any s3xually transmitted diseases. They engage in sexual activity with them without the use of contraceptives.

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