Check Out Things That Happens To Your Body While You Are Sleeping, That Science Can’t Explain

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At night one would want to sleep in peace and restore the lost energy during the day.

At night is when one meditates and refreshes his mind preparing for the next day’s task. However, there are mysteries that happen at night that have remained unanswerable to science to date.

Sleep paralysis

Have you ever slept and during the middle of the night, you feel your whole body is numbed, you cannot move your body parts? This has happened to many people. Sometimes someone feels like there is someone in the room and you become frightened. Children mostly experience this, and this is probably why they don’t want to sleep. About 7% of the population have experienced this.

Sleep talking


Always, a person suffering from somniloquy(a fancy term used to refer to sleep talking) don’t actually know when he or she is speaking. This condition is not dangerous according to psychological but Men and women do fear because of letting the cat out of the bucket.

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