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Are you a mother, lady or a man battling with how to slim your belly fats? It is natural to gain belly fat after giving birth, but the problem most women face is how to manage it after birth. Don’t worry because I will be showing you a natural and easy remedy to burn these fats without any complications. Get rid of all unapproved slimming balms and products and try these steps. Please don’t forget to hit the follow button to get more educative updates.


Here are all the natural ingredients you need in this remedy.

1. Apple ( 2)

2. Ginger powder ( 1 tablespoon)

3. Garlic (quarter bulb)

These are all you will need. Aren’t they affordable to get? Now let’s head straight into the steps

Step I

Cut your apple into pieces, get rid of its seeds an transfer into a blender.

Step II

Get rid of your garlic peels and add to your apple in a blender, add 50 millilitres of water and blend together. Make sure you blend thoroughly.

Step III

Add a tablespoon of powdered ginger to the blended mixture and blend for the second time. Your mixture is ready for consumption. Make sure you take this early in the morning before breakfast and you will see a gradual reduction of fat in your belly. Try these steps for weeks and you will never regret them.


Note: After trying these steps, make sure you put a limit and if possible an end to fatty foods. This one of the reasons why you keep on gaining a lot of belly fats and make sure you exercise regularly as well. All these will help reduce your belly fat naturally at a faster rate.

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