Check Out These 7 Easy Steps To Protect The Kidney From Damage-[DOCTOR]

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Aproko Doctor recently took to his verified Twitter account to communicate a health update today to keep his followers abreast on matters related to the kidney and how to keep it healthy. He gave out 7 things everyone should do to keep the kidneys healthy.


He enjoined everyone to always stay hydrated, exercise regularly, and keep healthy blood pressure. Some of the negative lifestyle habits he advised people to desist from include; smoking, intake of herbal concoctions, abuse of pain killers and skin bleaching. The kidney is a very delicate organ and it needs adequate care and attention. If you care for your kidney and want to live long, adhere to the tips of this article.

Here is a screenshot of the post from his verified Twitter account;

How to protect your kidneys with easy steps

1. Drink enough water.

2. Stop smoking cigarettes.

3. Exercise.

4. Limit/stop herbal concoctions.

5. Don’t abuse pain medications especially NSAIDs, eg: Ibuprofen, Melvin.

6. Monitor your blood pressure.


7. Don’t bleach your skin.

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