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HIV ( Human immunodeficiency virus) is a transmitted disease from one person to another. The virus attacks the body immune system and makes the body to be susceptible to all forms of illness. Some common symptoms are associated with HIV and it will be important for you to note some of them.

1. Swollen (enlarged) lymph nodes.

People who have HIV tend to have enlarged lymph nodes because the virus attacks the lymph node through the lymph fluid and this presents with swelling along the Axilla(armpit), cervical(neck) region and the groin( pubic part).


2. Fever.

Fever is an early stage symptom for HIV patient because it shows how fast the virus has affected the immune system and this fever manifest about a few weeks after the virus set in.

3. Diarrhea.

People who have HIV tend to present with low CD4 counts and HIV affect the gastrointestinal tract and cause diarrhoea which is associated with electrolyte loss and this lead to weakness. Also, note that diarrhoea occurs in other illnesses like cholera and typhoid but excessive or prolonged diarrhoea for more than a month can be of HIV origin.

4. Oral yeast infection( oral thrush).

When HIV is present in an individual it causes a weak immune system. It produces white patches with a folded Appearance, it is mostly found on the side of the tongue. Oral thrush is a yeast infection.

5. Sore Throat with painful mouth sores.

People with HIV present with a sore throat which is an inflammation of the pharynx and this prevent swallowing in most cases. And it causes pain and discomfort. A sore throat can be said to be an acute stage of HIV.

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6. Drenching Night Sweat.

People with HIV come up with drenching night sweat due to pyrexia( elevated temperature) and this excessive sweat occurs in the early stage of HIV.

7. Excessive weight loss.


People with HIV always present with excessive weight loss of more than 10% of their body weight and this could be as a result of prolonged diarrhoea and fever lasting for more than 30 days

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