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Do you realize that there are plants you don’t need to pee on like the ‘leaf of life’ else it postpones some advancement in your life or gives you an otherworldly disease hard to be distinguished at the emergency clinic? I bet you won’t attempt that.

Today we will contemplate a plant that is esteemed by a couple of individuals yet know its otherworldly use.

Would you be able to think about what plant it is, acceptable it’s dandelion (Taraxacum Officinal)?

Dandelion is known by numerous individuals for its actual uses like the arrangement of a plate of mixed greens and a lot more however don’t think a lot about its otherworldly use; very much let talk about the profound side first.

For Back to the Sender Have you at any point felt or been compromised genuinely by somebody or profoundly in a fantasy? Try not to squander cash going for counselling when the arrangement is nearer to you, simply go in for (7) leaves of Dandelion early morning when you have not addressed anybody, bring them home and cut them into pieces.


Get a pail of water and spot the cut leaves inside, get (7) lemons and for each, cut the lemon into two halves and as you are going to get done with cutting it, use you hand to separate the rest; discard half and drop the other portion of the lemon into the water containing the cut Dandelion.

As you play out the customs say in your mouth ” for what reason would you like to do this to me, for what reason are you assaulting me, you won’t ever get me” reliably and add the people name on the off chance that you know.

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At the point when you are done, take the container of water containing the dandelion and lemon to the shower house and rehash similar mantras as you shower with the water (no wipe and cleanser, you can scrub down before the custom shower).

Leave the water to dry on your skin thereafter; rehash for three days and see what occurs on the off chance that somebody is without a doubt behind your enduring in addition to no abhorrent power can smother you.

Ministers and yourself can likewise utilize dandelion for security oil which you should reach me first for directions at FB Joe Kwao. Any individual who utilizes this oil will give a declaration and yes It works consummately.

Dandelion root is dried, crushed and blended in with little water, when applied on the body before bed it treats skin inflammation, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes and so on

Aside from that, dry dandelion root and leaves in a cool dry spot for a week and use as a tea each day (3) times in a week and you will be liberated from heart issues, malignancy, early development, liver issues, stomach inconvenience, headache, Hight circulatory strain and some more.


I love the serving of mixed greens of Dandelion, it resembles mwah, particularly with rice or waakye.

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