Check Out The Reason Why Doctors Write Badly When Writing Medical Prescriptions For Patients-[CHECK OUT]

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The world would have been a disaster if there were no doctors. Doctors are good members of society who attend to sick patients.


In Ghana, there are several doctors in our hospitals and clinics of which patients attend for prescriptions.


After careful examination of patients, doctors write a medical reports and also drug prescriptions to the patients.

Most of the handwriting notes from the doctors are difficult to be read by the patients. This is how doctors write. They write in a way that, only the medical experts can read. Now the question is, why do they do that. The answer is revealed here.

It is believed that a lot of patients visit the clinic and doctors must speed up their workings in order to attend to every patient. So they write very fast during the writing of the prescription note in order to attend to the next person. Writing clear delays time so it is best to write rough.


Also aside from this, most doctors do not want the patients to see the prescription given to them. So they write in a way no one can read.

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