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The world has continued to advance in knowledge like the speed of light. New inventions are ever emerging to replace old ones. Today virtual presence has become a near reality as 3D hologram projections hit the market. Businesses have found it much more convenient than the video calls.

Hologram 3D projection technology will soon replace video calls as the new technology has proven to be much more effective than video conferencing.


David Nussbaum using 3D hologram

“In a few years time, this is going to become a regular way of communicating between offices,” Mr David Nussbaum┬áthe boss of US holograms firm Portl said. The hologram technology is a 3D light projection of a person. It is life-like, immersive and sensory.

It’s portal are eight feet tall glass-fronted and computerised boxes. Inside the booths a life-size hologram of a person appears.

3D hologram projections started gaining relevance during the coronavirus lockdown. Chief Executive Officer of IWC Christoph Grainger-Herr decided to use a 3D hologram projection when he could not travel to attend a meeting at Shanghai. Instead, he appeared in 4K resolution. He was able to talk to the people and respond to them.

Grainger-Herr’s hologram

The new technology have portals with built in speakers, cameras and microphones so that the speaker can see and hear the other people.

Other hologram firms are more focused on the consumer market, such as San Diego-based Ikin. Next year it is launching a device that you clip to your mobile phone, and it will project into the air a transparent 3D hologram of the person you have having a video call with.

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Though the technology is very expensive now, users can rent it for a considerably less price. Associate professor of electrical engineering and computer at Stanford University, Gordon Wetzstein says holograms are a more effective way of communicating than video conferencing.


He however warned that because 3D technology appears almost like reality, people may get manipulated overtime.

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