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There are a few significant facts regarding beans that you probably didn’t know.

Beans are a staple of the typical Nigerian diet, along with garri and rice. Beans must be included in a list of the top three foods consumed in Nigeria.

It is obviously well-liked, widely consumed, and has a lot of benefits.

There is more to it than that, though. Beans can have some drawbacks as well. These are 5 negative impacts of it:

  1. Gas

This one is rather obvious and widely known. Eating beans makes your farts more often. Beans have fiber and carbohydrates that your body could find difficult to digest. Farting results from the production of gas that is created when these sugars interact with the bacteria in your large intestine. Moreover, especially if you eat too much, you can feel some discomfort in your abdomen. Drinking more water and keeping active while eating beans will help your stomach handle the fiber in the food more rapidly.

  1. In some people, it causes migraines

3. It’s a protein that isn’t complete.

When they consume beans, some people experience severe headaches. Even though this allergic reaction is not very prevalent, it is crucial to skip a meal if you experience it. Also, if you insist on including it in your meal plan, see a doctor

While you may have grown up believing that beans were a complete and abundant source of protein, it’s likely that you were unaware of this. Evidently, no. In contrast to other protein sources, beans are deficient in methionine, a crucial amino acid for your body. In essence, you won’t be consuming enough protein for your body to function properly if you exclusively eat beans as a source of protein. But, eating beans along with some grains, such as rice, wheat, and maize, balances things out for you. This is because these cereal grains lack an amino acid that can be found in beans but are abundant in methionine

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4. Constipation risk

Both soluble and insoluble fiber are abundant in beans. The liquid is necessary for the soluble fibers and soluble fibers to pass through your system properly. Therefore, constipation may result if you don’t drink enough water after eating beans [and regularly too!].

  1. A little too much time is spent on preparation

Although it may not immediately enhance health, this is one of the reasons why some individuals may dislike beans. You simply can’t act vexatious and claim that you wish to prepare beans the same way you could occasionally prepare rice or other foods. So there’s that, I guess.


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