Check Out Ten Most Beautiful Tourist Sites To Visit In Ghana Before You Die-[CHECK OUT]

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Making a trip to Ghana interestingly? Ghana is one of the lavishly honored nations in the West African area. It is a place where there is variety and experience. The nation flaunts cosmopolitan urban communities, outlandish untamed life, ideal sea shores, and rich history. With the various traveler destinations in Ghana, realizing where to start your excursion can be testing. It is thus that we have picked the ten locales in Ghana you should visit.

Here we uncover ten of the best vacationer destinations in Ghana that are an absolute necessity for your movement agenda:

The Cape Coast Castle

The Cape Coast Castle is one of the objections at the stature of the travel industry in Ghana. Situated at Ghana’s Atlantic coast, this area was at the focal point of most European forces. The Cape Coast Castle was at first worked by the Swedish Africa Company in 1653 to go about as the exchanging point for Gold and wood ventures. Be that as it may, it was subsequently changed over by the British and Dutch into a slave holding point. As of now, the Cape Coast Castle is a historical center and a store of the significant history of the Ghana country. On the off chance that you are a set of experiences sweetheart, this is one of the vacation destinations in Ghana you would prefer not to pass up.


Accra, the capital of Ghana, is one of the sightseers’ objections you should visit while in Ghana. A rambling city with an energetic economy and warm occupants there is a ton you can gain from this city. Thought about probably the most secure city to live in the word, Accra is additionally deliberately situated with the separation from Accra to Kumasi being 253km making it for all intents and purposes open to anyone. The St George’s Castle is one of the great spots in Accra you should visit. A visit in this set of experiences tourist spots takes you on an excursion to the past exchanging exercises Ghana. Notwithstanding the trade information, you can likewise appreciate stunning spots of this spot.

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Mole National Park

To the admirers of untamed life and nature, Ghana offers bunches of spots to visit in Accra. Be that as it may, assuming you are searching for something stunning, the Mole National Park is the spot to be. Arranged in the northwest Ghana the recreation center is the biggest in the country and has a wide assortment of creature species and birds.


The Kokrobite is home to the most stunning sea shores in Accra. Sea shores to the side the other vacation destination site in this town are the outstanding Academy of African Music and Art (AAMA) appointed by the incomparable Mustapha Tettey Addy. Here you will unwind in the quality music of the Ghanaian public.


The second biggest city in Ghana, Kumasi is situated in the southern focal pieces of the country. In this town, you’ll will appreciate the stunning Ghana vacationer locales discovered here yet over every one of the astonishing antiquities from the zone inhabitants who are for the most part craftsmans. When visiting Kumasi, you need t guarantee that you come arranged with sufficient cash to spend as there is unquestionably enough regarding gold adornments, wooden carvings and garments for everyone. Apparently this is one of the lovely places in Ghana with heaps of warm and well disposed occupants.

Kakum National Park

Something to do in Accra ought to visit the Kakum National Park. Disregard the astonishing natural life and tranquil climate of the thickly populated woods, your feature of the visit to this park should be the stroll on the stunning Canopy Walkway. Hanging 30 meters/100 feet over the ground level, the walk way is in excess of 350 meters/1150 feet in length and goes through a few extensions offering you an astonishing chance to appreciate Kakum National Park’s temperament and untamed life while simultaneously testing your feelings of trepidation of statures.

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Busua Beach

Another expansion to Ghana vacationer locales is the Busua Beach. This sea shore offers visitors and guests coming to Ghana a marvelous chance to loosen up their day at the heavenly Atlantic appreciating the lovely nightfalls. On account of the numerous extravagant inns encompassing the sea shore you will appreciate the astonishing society and food of the Ghanaian with a little hint of class.

Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary

On the off chance that you are an admirer of butterfly, the Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary offers you mind blowing freedoms to appreciate the diverse butterfly species found in Ghana. Fortunately the asylum is only 20km from Kumasi city.

Lake Volta, Ghana

At the core of the Greenwich meridian, will appreciate a phenomenal boat ride in lake Volta while getting a charge out of the incredibly lovely mountains in Ghana encompassing it.


Bonwire Kente Weaving Village

Before you end your visit in Ghana guarantee you have advanced into the Bonwire Kente Weaving Village. Here you will get find out about the meshing interaction into the main wear in Ghana, the Kente. Don’t likewise neglect to convey a portion of your loved ones back at home.

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