Check Out Spiritual Powers Of Cassava Leafs, And How To Use It To Protect Yourself From Evil Spirits-[CHECK OUT]

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Leafs and plants are vital in our society as African People, most of these leaves are being used as herbs, and for medicinal purposes also has some spiritual Powers and can be used in so many ways to protect ourselves spiritually. Most of the time when we hear people talk about these things, we may think they are joking or what they are saying is not true but genuine people who understand and practice spirituality will tell you they are real and are practical. In this article am going to tell you some of the spiritual Powers the Cassava Leafs has and these are real and result oriented.

The Cassava leaf stops bedwetting in children or even adults, Sometimes bedwetting may have spiritual backing, and once you see that the victim is at a stage where he/she is not suppose to facing bed wetting but it still happening, then Just get 3 leaves of Cassava, and place them on the waist of the victim, let them sleep with it overnight repeat this three times and that’s it the bedwetting is going to end.

Another spiritual use of Cassava Leaf is, If you have a bad dream, or are being tormented by evil spirits at night in your sleep, just get seven leaves of Cassava put it under your pillow and sleep on it trust me it’s going to drive away all evil spirits and you going to have sound sleep.


If you are travelling and in some cases, it happens that in the middle of the road you are forced to ease yourself, which happens to most people and at times the unfortunate happens and people even do it in the car, if you don’t want this happen to you, then get seven leaves of Cassava and put them into palms, try and mash them in your palms and put it at the back of your pocket, trust me you won’t feel like defecating in the process of your journey till you alight or take the leaves from your pocket.

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When you are seriously sick, and Doctors can’t identify what the problem is get a quantity of the Cassava Leafs and boil them, use the boiled water to bath and believe me if the sickness is spiritual it’s going to vanish, you can repeat bathing with water to protect yourself from an evil spirit.


The Cassava Leaf is very powerful and plays a lot of roles spiritually, Don’t underestimate the powers of leaves even if the direction is coming from a kid or mad person. You can try any of these steps and see how your life is going to be transformed, I will encourage everyone to get a leaf of Cassava in his/her pocket when going into a crowded area, or public space as you may not know who may be watching you with an evil eye.


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