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Many people are always worried about their health. They therefore continuesly seek to get more information about their well being. As much as different urine colours may not be an alarm of poor health or emergency, there are some that may require a medical attention.

Generally, a healthy person’ urine is pale-yellow or amber in colour. The normal yellow or amber colour of the skin is contributed by the major urin pigment urochrom. Therefore, people are expected to pass out a pale yellow or amber coloured urine. However, people normally give out almost colourless urine because of sufficient water in the body. When there is enough water in the body, one will give an almost colourless urine. However, if one is dehydrated, the person’s urine is likely to be coloured.

Which urine colour is the normal colour?

If it comes to this, then everyone has a different normal urine colour. However, the colour should fall within the yellow spectrum. The following are the factors that will affect the colour of the urine that you pass out.

1. Amount of water you drink. The amount of water you drink will influence whether the urine you give out will be light yellow or deep amber. More water dilutes the urine colouring pigment.

2. Your diet, The chemical compounds in the food you eat also alters the colour of the urine. This is because natural food dye contains pigments which will affect the colour of the urine.

3. Medication. People under medication are likely to experience different and unique colours of the urine. This may not be of worry since the medication pills may add some pigments in your system or may as well interfere with your hormonal production all together.

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4. Exercise. When you do exercise. You sweet, lose alot of body water and therefore become dehydrated. You are therefore likely to pass out coloured urine since there isn’t excess water in your body.

5. Medical condition. People who have medical conditions such as kidneys problems, liver or bladder problems are likely to pass out coloured urine. However, this cause is usually accompanied with pain while urinating, vomiting or fever.

6. Pregnancy. Bright yellow urine is usually associated with early signs of pregnancy.

When to See a Doctor.

You are advised to see a doctor the moment you observe the following.

1. If you urine is cloudy brown, red, blue or green.

2. If you feel pain while urinating.


3. When the rate at which you feel like passing out urine is extremely high even though you don’t take a lot of fluids.

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