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Dr Rowland Saseun, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Saseun Hospitals in Lagos, walks OLADIMEJI RAMON through the risk factors for prostate enlargement, diagnosis, and treatment/management.

The prostate is one of the male body’s organs. Can you tell me where it’s located anatomically and what its specific function is?

Every man’s prostate gland is located in the pelvic region. It can be thought of as a male counterpart to a woman’s uterus. It is made up of three lobes – two lateral lobes and one medial lobe – and is located towards the bladder’s neck.

Semen is produced by the testes and serves as a vehicle for spermatozoa transfer. The spermatic cord, as well as the seminiferous tubules on either side of the lateral prostate glands, open directly into the prostate gland during a sexual encounter. Because there is a urethra non_returning valve at the base of the bladder that prevents the sperm from entering into the bladder, both the semen and the sperm meet at the prostatic urethra and flow out through the penis.

Can we say that the prostate gland serves as a semen collection location, based on your explanation?

Yes, in a sense, because the prostate gland serves as a meeting point for sperm and spermatozoa, but not as a storage location. During sex, sperm is extracted straight from the seminiferous tubules, rather than being stored in the prostate gland prior to sexual activity.

What causes enlargement of the prostate?

Prostate enlargement has yet to be identified. The prostate gland is present in every male child from birth, and it develops larger as the person matures. A benign prostate enlargement does not affect every adult guy.


What are the elements that predispose or expose you to the risk of developing a disease?

Being a man, as well as age – which begins around the age of 40 – are predisposing factors. The time it takes for a man’s prostate to enlarge varies. I operated on a 53-year-old man with an enlarged prostate gland, and his 82-year-old father also needed surgery.

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