Check Out Some Reasons Why Cardiac Arrests Happen In The Bathroom Often- [CHECK OUT]

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Cardiac arrest can be described as a condition where by the heart cease to beat. At this period, the essential organs in the body are no longer receiving blood filled oxygen. This can put life in imminent danger. It can happen anywhere even in the bathroom because certain activities such as bathing and pooping can play a part in triggering cardiac arrest. Why this heart condition occur in the bathroom often “according to a publication by Health line” will be discussed in this article.

1) Having your bath with hot or cold water (Extreme) can impact the heart rate quickly which may stress the capillaries and arteries.

2) Electrical malfunctioning of the heart or cardiac arrest may happen when you are bathing or pooping because of the stress the body experience during these activities.

3) Using the bathroom exert pressure on the vagus nerve which at times can slow down heartbeat.

4) An overdose of recreational drugs used before entering the bathroom can be a cause of cardiac arrest when you are inside the bathroom.

5) Straining while pooping can stress the heart: this can trigger sudden cardiac arrest if the heart function is compromised.


Having a safety system with a roommate or family member who can check on you when you are in the bathroom can be of massive help if you have an increased risk of it.

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