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The blood which enters the man’s private organ has to close off for an erection to be maintained. A verified health site, Healthline shared the different reasons why a man finds it difficult to maintain an erection.

Below are the reasons.

1. Heart disease could reduce blood flow to a man’s private organ, thereby making erection to be short lived.

2. High blood pressure could also cause difficulty maintaining an erection.

3. High cholesterol levels and obesity could cause this.

4. Diabetes could affect blood flow to your private organ, thereby causing difficult sustaining an erection.

5. Parkinson’s disease.

6. Liver or kidney disease could cause this to occur.

7. Peyronie’s disease could make it difficult for a man to maintain an erection due to curvature of his private organ.

8. Trauma or injury to the spinal cord or genital region.

9. Depression could affect your mood during intercourse, thereby making your erection to be short lived.

There are some lifestyle changes you should adopt when you have difficulty maintaining an erection.

Below are them.

1. Drink less alcohol.

2. Get enough rest.

3. Always eat an healthy diet to help boost blood flow.

4. Stop taking tobacco in order to prevent reduced blood flow.


5. Exercise regularly to boost blood circulation to your private organ.

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