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Foods That Contain Natural Poisons That Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

The World Health Organization reports that some naturally occurring toxins are produced in food as protective mechanisms to shield plants from pest infestation and animal consumption. These natural toxins are the root of numerous negative health effects and can pose serious health risks to both people and livestock, with one of their negative health effects being acute poisoning.

Acute poisoning can cause everything from allergic reactions to life-threatening stomach pain and diarrhea. Their long-term health effects may have an impact on bodily functions like the immune, reproductive, or nervous systems. They may also promote the growth and development of cancer cells. As a result, even though these natural toxins are not dangerous to plants, they are poisonous to other animals, including people.

Unfortunately, many of the typical foods we consume do contain certain natural toxins to varied degrees, which means they may be harmful to your health. Some of the typical foods that contain natural poison or toxins, according to Christine Mikstas of WebMD, are as follows:

1. Green potatoes


In general, potatoes are regarded as being healthful and one of the greatest food sources for a variety of crucial elements. However, not all potatoes are advantageous in this regard because they contain a poisonous compound called glycoalkaloid in their leaves, sprouts, and underground stems (tubers). It is well known that this harmful chemical causes potatoes to become green when they are damaged, exposed to light, or get old. High glycoalkaloid potato consumption can result in vomiting, diarrhea, disorientation, migraines, and even death.

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2. Bitter almonds

Amygdalin, a substance that can transform into cyanide, is present in both bitter and sweet almonds, but bitter almonds are thought to contain the highest concentrations of this potentially harmful substance. Thus, while eating sweet almonds won’t have any negative effects on you, eating bitter almonds might, as they can result in cramps, nausea, and diarrhea.

3. Apple seeds

Since apples are among the most nutrient-dense foods on the world, the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” makes sense. However, apple seeds are not as healthy as the fruit itself despite having what appears to be an amazing nutrient profile since they contain cyanide, a strong poison that can cause fast breathing, convulsions, and even death in tiny doses. Thankfully, apple seeds contain a barrier that prevents cyanide from entering your body if you accidently ingest some of them.

4. Cashew nuts



One of the healthiest nuts in the planet, cashews have an impressive nutritional profile. However, eating raw cashew nuts could be harmful to your health since they contain urushiol, a natural toxin that is removed from the shell during preparation. The urushiol toxin, which is similar to that in poison ivy, can lead to allergic reactions and, in the case of severe allergic reactions, even death.

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