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A tapeworm infection is a form of worm infection that can cause stomach problems. They are spread by eating contaminated food or drinking polluted water contaminated with tapeworm eggs or larvae. When such worms get inside the intestine, they grow enormous and cause problems in the body. Tapeworm can cause major health problems in some people, such as bowel blockage or smaller intestine ducts.

For you to prevent tapeworm, it is important for you to know the causes and ways to prevent it.

Ways Tapeworm Are Transmitted.

1. Tapeworm is easily transmitted by eating raw or undercooked meat from infected animals.

2. Pork worm is a form of tapeworm that can be contracted by dishes prepared by an infected individual. For example, an infected individual who does not thoroughly wash their hands after using bathroom and then prepares food can contaminate it.

Signs Of Tapeworms.

According to webMd, most tapeworm symptoms aren’t visible, however there are a few that you should be aware of:

* You may notice worms moving around in your intestine, apart from worms movement, other signs you may notice includes;

* Nausea.

* General weakness of the body.

* Diarrhea.

* Abdominal Pain.

* Nutrients Deficiency: Loss of certain nutrients such as vitamin and minerals.

If you experience any of the symptoms described above, you should consult your doctor right once. According to webMd here are some ways you can prevent tapeworm;

* Avoid consuming raw or undercook fish or meat.

* Always cook your meat thoroughly and allow them to cool down for atleast 3 before consuming them.

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* Always cook your fruits or vegetables with boiled or treated water before eating them especially if you are living in a developing areas.


* Finally, before preparing or consuming any foods, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water especially after using the restroom.


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