Check Out Some Causes And Symptoms Of Stroke In Young Adults; Doctor Warns- [CHECK OUT]

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Medical Doctor at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), Joseph Asare, has revealed that stroke is the most common disease in the hospital’s emergency ward in recent times.

In an interview on Daily Hustle on SVTV Africa, Dr Asare mentioned that it is prevalent among young adults too. He also enlightened the youth on the causes and symptoms of a stroke.


Dr Asare indicated that there are modifying and non-modifying factors that cause a stroke. According to him, the modifying factors are visible to the patients.

They are smoking, high alcohol intake, and high levels of cholesterol. It causes hypertension which eventually results in stroke.

“Normally, people overlook their blood pressure, but it may have been up for a long while, and they get symptoms now and then. To avoid hypertension, you must always check your sugar level, blood pressure and rapture of the blood vessels,” he told DJ Nyaami.

Also, the non-modifying factors are obesity, family history, etc. He mentioned that there are non-pharmacological treatments like exercising to avoid such diseases.

“Normally, the causes come from either genetic or environmental factors, and most of the cases we get are environmental. They may smoke, drink alcohol and eat fatty foods. It causes a lot of health problems.”


He encouraged the intake of fruits and vegetables more than carbohydrate foods.

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