Check Out Six Diseases Caused By Eating After 9 PM-[CHECK OUT]

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Do you know eating after 9 PM has been proven to have serious side effects on our health?

Eating at nights is among the common habits that are mostly practised across the world and I bet you’ve been a victim once in your lifetime. However, recent studies have shown that habit is very much dangerous than we think.

You may be thinking why is eating late dangerous and what time is described as late?

Well, according to research, eating 3 hours before going to be is described as a bad time to eat during the day. On average, most people work from 7 am – 6 pm and often sleep between 12 Am – 6 Am, hence eating after 9 Pm can be very toxic for most people.

So what happens when you eat late?

1. Weight gain and Obesity


One of the common health hazard linked to late eating is weight gain. How? During those times your system may not be programming actively and so most of the food you eat are turned into fat which leads to obesity – abnormal weight gain.

2. Disturb sleep

If you can sleep for six (6) or eight (8) hours, then you had a sound, healthy and wonderful night. However, sleeping less than time is known to affect your health and this mostly occur due to overeating.

Eating after 9 Pm is more likely to disturb your sleep cycle thereby affecting your overall health.

3. Brain and Memory issues

While some part of your body needs some time off or becomes not too active during the nights when you sleep, your brain needs that rest too.

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However, these particular poor eating habits are known not to only affect the health condition of your kidney, liver and other but also your brain. Have you ever wondered why you get confused dreams often?

Maybe you are trying to figure out why you are having memory issues lately, well checks on your diet timings too.

4. Common cold and flu

You usually catch a cold and flu and you think is because of the dust you inhaled the other time. But do you know poor eating habits like being a night eater can also contribute to common colds, flu and others?

This health condition occurs as a result of metabolism disorder or poor digestion. As you may know, during the nights, digestion is very poor and do practising these bad habits can affect your health too.


5. High blood pressure

If you are someone dealing with hypertension or high blood pressure, then you may want to avoid this bad habit as it has been reported to make your condition even worse.

6. Diabetes

An increase in blood sugar level which of course happens after eating late is also linked to diabetes, another world killing disease.

What about if I’m hungry at night?


Well, if truly you want to take in something at that time (after 9 Pm) then make sure you are taken fibre rich and low carbs food. First, ask, am I really hungry?

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