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The liver and kidneys are two incredibly vital organs in the human body. They cooperate to guarantee that surplus fluid is removed from the body and they each serve a particular role in ensuring that the body functions as it should. This does not imply, however, that these two organs are faultless. The liver and kidneys are also susceptible to problems that could endanger their very life.

Therefore, we will distinguish between kidney pain and liver pain in this post in accordance with a Mayo Clinic publication, and we will also discuss how to recognize which one you are experiencing. Simply relax and read this article to learn something new.

How Can You Tell If You Have Liver or Kidney Pain?

Due to a variety of causes, including renal disorders and issues with the liver, a person’s kidneys or liver may begin to hurt. Therefore, you should head straight to the hospital for a more thorough test or examination as soon as you begin to experience consistent pain that seems to be coming from any part of the body and is pointing to either kidney or liver pain.


Basically, the location of the discomfort can be used to determine if it is liver or kidney-related. When someone has kidney pain, they frequently experience side, lower back, or lower abdominal pain that radiates or spreads to the groin area. However, the upper right abdomen is frequently impacted by liver-related illnesses or pain. If you experience upper right abdominal pain that is persistent and unclear in its cause, you need to be evaluated for liver-related issues.

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