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Most persons don’t see the need to have a romantic relationship, maybe because they don’t feel it necessary or because they think there are other things that are of more importance.

But we must first ask ourselves these questions;

Why do people cheat in a relationship? Why do people fall out of love? And lastly, why will someone who says she/he loves you suddenly no longer see you attractive.

My dear, it is because they no longer see that spark that made them go gaga when they first met you.

In building a relationship, you must also ensure you fix one of the core ingredients which is Romance.

People want to know they feel loved, people want to know you find them attractive.

Now, how do you build a romantic relationship?

You start by doing new things by trying to explore and surprise your spouse randomly.

You can also learn the habit of showing affection don’t wait until your spouse buys you a gift before you show them you love them.

Also, try buying a new set of underpants and then surprise them at will. Just explore and keep exploring.

Go out on a date to places that mean so much to the both of you, visit parks and play games that will help in building a great bond.


Lastly, don’t go to bed without solving an issue and apologise with a hug at the end of it.

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