Check Out Medication You Should Take After Unprotected Intimacy With Someone To Prevent HIV- [CHECK OUT]

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Do you know that there is a medication that can help prevent HIV after you mistakenly indulge in unprotected copulation with someone you are unsure of his or her medical history or status? HIV like they say is one disease that cannot be noticed or uncovered in the body of the infected patient, especially if the person takes retroviral drugs.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t contract or transmit the disease to others. This heightens the need for everyone to be mindful of who they lay with. In some unfortunate cases, we end up making mistakes and getting down with someone we are unsure of their status, in this case, should you just leave yourself to chance? The answer is no! In this article in line with a publication on CDC, we are going to have a look at the medication you should take immediately after getting down with someone you are unsure of his or her health status.

What Medication Should You Take After Unprotected Copulation With Someone?

According to the publication on CDC and many other reputable health sites, there is need for you to immediately go for PEP. PEP is an acronym for Post Exposure Prophylaxis and it is a medication that should be taken within 72 hours of suspected exposure to the virus.


So if you mistakenly either due to the overwhelming feelings that come with copulation, lay with someone you are unsure of his or her health status, the best move is getting to an approved clinic and getting the PEP to prevent HIV/AIDs. It has been proven to be proactive in reducing a person’s risk of the virus greatly if taken within the first 72 hours. Instead of getting worried or over thinking, take the step immediately to prevent getting infected fully with the virus.

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