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Having erections is a positive sign that the body is healthy and that as a man you can perform in terms of copulation and intimacy. But like every other things there are certain situations where, having an erection could be regarded as unhealthy or triggered by another condition.

So in this article in line with a publication on Mayo Clinic, we are going to have a look at the one Condition that can make a man’s erection or early morning erection last for more than an hour; sometimes even as much as four hours without going down. For your own sake therefore, you need to endeavour to see a doctor once you start waking up or having erections that lasts longer than an hour.

But before we get down to business, what is the condition that can make a man’s erection last for too long even when he is not being stimulated in anyway? The condition is referred to as priapism and it is a health condition that arises when a man’s private organ remains erect for hours without any form of stimulation or intimate thoughts. The erections are often painful and tender; might also happen on and off in the course of the day. Some of the causes are; wrong alcohol use, blood disorders like leukemia, sickle cell and even spider bite can cause erection issues. Additionally, you might even have priapism if you have an penile injury or pelvic injury.


Once you start noticing these signs endeavour to see a doctor and also run checkups to know what is actually wrong with you as priapism is also linked to erectile dysfunction.

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