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Everything in this world represents a specific identity. God did not just create these animals for them to be killed or to kill but to make creation complete. Once Animals are wiped from existence it means this world will be off-balance, that is why we must keep God’s creation safe and secure and safe.

Today we shall focus our topic on one specific creature known as Wall Gecko. Wall Gecko is an animal from the reptile family because of its cold-blooded features just like the snake, lizard, crocodiles and other creatures. many people see these creatures in their homes and kill them because of the belief that they possess a bad spirit and ordain retrogression in life. The following are the main reasons why should not kill Wall Geckos:


  1. Wall geckos are not poisonous as many people believe they are.
  2. They are dream interpreters: When you find these animals in your room consider yourself lucky because it is not anyone that these animals visit.
  3. These animals are Godsent to one’s life. Just to protect you from spiritual marriage and failure.
  4. wall gecko in a dream represents an evil person who is proud of himself, who encourages mischief and dampens people’s spirit to do good.
  5. The gecko represents incredible healing and cleansing qualities due to its regenerative powers.
  6. Seeing a Wall Gecko in the dream could also mean that betrayal is coming from trusted friends and family members. Seeing Gecko signifies that there is a secret conspiracy against you, and the plan is not too far from you. The enemies involved are not too far from you.
  7. Aside from that, Geckos are simply good luck.
  8. When a pregnant woman sees these animals in their room it means fortune and long life for the child she’s carrying.
  9. Also, Wall Geckos apart from assisting you possesses pest control abilities in your homes.
  10. Geckos symbolize the energy and magic of nature and life in their purest form.
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Directions To Attract Good luck And Prevent Poverty

  1. Find yourself one of these Wall Geckos.
  2. Make sure it doesn’t get hurt or injured by any means. If it gets hurt please let it go, because if you use it, it will turn the opposite.
  3. Christians can use the Bible by reciting Psalm 23. Please this animal is not poisonous so you hold it freely.
  4. Take the Tameawu plant and grind it together with the Nyenya plant and add a little drop of Florida water in any container provided it can contain the Wall Gecko.
  5. Now drop the Wall Gecko in it carefully and pray for God to change your destiny for the better.
  6. After the prayer, open the Wall Gecko for it to roam in your house.
  7. If by mistake your cat eats it, make sure you perform these same directions again.
  8. Always pray because prayer will boost the power and good luck charm of the Wall Gecko.

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