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Today I will teach you how to use eggs to stop difficulties, failures, and disappointments in your life through prayer and guidance.

Without wasting much time here, we will proceed with the procedure for doing this spiritual guidance

To start this direction you will need eggs. They would wake up early between 4 and 5 am and walk around naked, egg in hand.

Take the egg to your mouth and start praying to God that if you break the egg, He will remove all difficulties, failures and disappointments in your life.

After the prayer, put on your clothes and go outside your house and break the eggs or throw them to break them on the ground. Then make sure you don’t turn around when you get home, because if you do, whatever you destroy in your life will come back.


Note: Do this prayer instruction every month and make sure no one sees you in your room, not even your partner. Do not have sex with your partner if you are heading in this direction because it is very important.

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