Check Out How To Use Cassava Leaves To Protect Yourself From Gunshot And Bedwetting-[CHECK OUT HOW]

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It is very good and helpful for us to know the benefit of some of our local leaves which we have not considered to be this beneficial.

In this article, we will consider some of the benefits of cassava leaves that we never knew.

A. Bedwetting:

Is your child, wife, husband or friend having problems with bedwetting?

Worry no more. Here is what you have to do.

Take just 3 of the leaves of cassava and put it around the waist of the person who beds wets.

The bedwetter must make sure he sleeps with the leaves around his or her waist for 3 days.

When this is done, you won’t see him or her wet himself anymore..

B. Gunshot Protection:

The leaves of Cassava is a very powerful protection against whatever form of a gunshot.

This is what you have to do;

Take seven leaves of Cassava using your right hand from its branches.

Create a hole in the leaves. Try and get a tread.

Insert the thread through the wholes bored within leaves and tie it around your right arm closer to the shoulder.


Irrespective of the number of shots, you will never be affected by the bullet because the leaves are naturally endowed with a spiritual energy that repels bullets.

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