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Antibodies are typically found in the blood of both HIV positive and HIV negative people.

These antibodies are usually found in blood samples and, in rare cases, saliva via an oral swab. Aside from the previously mentioned bodily fluids, it has been discovered that the virus can be tested using urine.

According to a report, urine can also be used to identify antibodies, which may appear strange (hivinsite).

An ELISA test will be used to detect the antibodies in this case. The urine sample will be sent to a laboratory for ELISA testing. The sample will be placed in a device containing HIV antigen and anti-HIV antibodies by a laboratory technician.

You can also perform the test at home by simply following the instructions. Half-fill a bowl with urine.

Fill a petri dish with urine and the specific antigen. If you have antigen-specific antibodies in your blood, the two will bind together. This will be visible as signal amplification, with a brighter background color.

Antibodies are typically detected in a couple of hours. In contrast, the Western blot will be used to confirm positive ELISA test results. It is most commonly used as a confirmatory test.


If antibodies are detected, positive results indicate that you are HIV positive. If no antibodies are found, you are HIV negative and in good health.


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