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Parsley leaf, or Super Herb , is one of the commonest plants.

It is called in the Ghanaian Twi language as “Nunum”. The Ga individuals of Ghana call it “Sulu”.

This green plant which is largely referred to is Nigeria as fragrance leaf has its organic name as OCIMUM GRATISSIMUM.

Super scent, fragrance leaf or nunum has a remarkable smell and is regularly applied as zest to planning customary rarities giving it a sweet-smelling taste.

Nunum, as the super spice is known in Ghana helps assimilation and awesome particularly for individuals who have the unhelpful demeanor eating late, and who experience swelling.

Bitten on crude, nunum helps in assimilation, and aides in treating constant hack.

Imbued in boiling water in a secured teacup for fifteen minutes, and taken consistently, nunum can decrease as well as standardize pulse, improves blood flow and heart execution and furthermore supports general wellbeing and energy.

Nunum tea as some decide to call it, taken in the mornings on a vacant stomach help in weight decrease and the executives.

Nunum is again noted for the compelling treatment and the board of, urinary parcel contamination, draining heap, and furthermore facilitates solid discharge when taken routinely.

Pound or rub new nunum, (around four enormous measured leaves) along with harsh leaf (two leaves) include about 200ml water and strainer into a cup. Crush one medium estimated lime into the blend and drink. Taking this blend consistently for fourteen days help is the treatment of fever, sickliness, cerebral pain and that’s just the beginning. This additionally helps in treating peptic ulcers and gastritis.

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Nunum can again be used to treat ringworm, by granulating the new leaves into a glue and spreading it on the influenced territory.


With the convergence of cheap food joints everywhere and an expansion in low quality nourishment utilization and an extensive rundown of clinical problems because of unfortunate eating, there are so numerous ailments which up to this point were insignificant. Pound or mix nunum along with a couple of gloves of garlic and a thumb-size of ginger in warm water, directed as bowel purge once per week in the mornings, consumes terrible cholesterol, purifies the colon and forestalls a ton of preventable illnesses like fibroid, barrenness and feminine issues, in ladies.


A lot of all that they is terrible. Despite the fact that it advances fruitfulness and youngster bearing, and encourages more established men to be vigorous explicitly, men who experience the ill effects of diabetes are scolded to stop from taking an excessive amount of nunum since it can diminish sperm include in diabetic men in this manner influencing propagation.

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