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Snails are common creatures that are observed in the environment and are eaten by many people. This is because it is very nutritious and also very good to eat. Snails are eaten by almost all tribes and even in Ghana. If you’re the kind of person who visits breweries you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

But snails can be very dangerous to humans in several ways. Snail meat that is not cooked properly before consumption can be harmful to the body. Snails carry a type of flatworm known as a schistosome. However, the schistosome is a deadly flatworm that causes a disease commonly known as schistosomiasis.

Schistosomiasis is a disease that has killed millions of people worldwide. A large number of deaths are still reported each year. It can also be obtained from contaminated water from snails. When we put our feet in contaminated water, we get this disease.

Schistosomiasis affects the bladder, kidneys, liver and other organs in the body. It destroyed them. It can be treated, but it is best to prevent it because not all hospitals can find a cure for schistosomiasis.

Please note: if you plan to prepare snail meat for your family, keep your children away from the area. This is because at a young age children can do anything without realizing it.


People sometimes ignore this information because they have been eating snail meat for a long time and nothing happens. But no one knows the effect of something until it happens to them. Danger.

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