Check Out Hot Photos Of Four Ghanaian celebrities Who Proves To People That Age Is Just A Number And Their Real Age Will Amaze You-[SEE PHOTOS]

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For us to know how many years we have lived on this earth, we need an estimation of how old one is. Sometimes we tend to use our physical appearance to determine how old one is. But most often than not, our perception about how old one is based on the person’s physical appearance may be flawed. It means that our physical appearance does not reflect our age. We can either be older than our age or be younger than our age. The following celebrities’ physical appearance does not really predict their real age. They look beautiful even though they are in their late 40’s and 50’s.

Kyeiwaa is the first on the list of celebrities whose age can not be determined by looking at her physical beauty.

Rose Akua Atta Mensah proverbially known as Kyeiwaa, was born in the year 1963. She is in her late 50’s· According to her, she is living her best life because, she recently got married to the love of her life after, several unsuccessful attempts to get married. She has also starred in several other films such as Akonoba, Aberbrese, Cross Road and many more.

Kalsoume Sinare is also one of the celebrities whose age does not really reflect her beauty.

Kalsoume Sinare is a Ghanaian actress and a former model. She has starred in over a dozen films, including Babina, Trinity, and Sala, for which she has received many enviable awards. She represented Ghana at the 1990 Miss Model of the World beauty pageant. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in the Ghanaian movie industry, however, she is in her 50’s. She is even more beautiful than her colleagues in the movie industry who are younger than her age.

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Akosua Agyapong is also one of the celebrities whose age can not be determined by looking at her physical beauty.

Akosua Agyapong was born on November 17, 1969. This means that the energetic Highlife musician is 61 years old.

Akosua Agyapong began singing at an early age and was discovered by highlife artist Nana Ampadu in the 1990s. She is regarded as a highlife legend. Her physical beauty is beyond compare. She is even beautiful than many of the young stars since she takes very good care of herself.

Nana Ama McBrown is also another celebrity whose age can not be predicted based on her age.


Felicity Ama Agyemang was born on 15 August 1977 which means she is in her middle 40’s. She is also known in the movie scene as Nana Ama McBrown. She is an actress and a TV presenter. She is currently the host of United Showbiz, on UTV. Her beauty is beyond measure as her age can not be predicted by just looking at her physical qualities. She takes very good care of her body.

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