Check Out Hot And Mouthwatering Photos Of The 2 Hottest Nigerian Models Who Are Causing Traffic With Their Huge Chests And Backside-[SEE PHOTOS]

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Plus-size models who are busty and curvaceous are very enticing women has gifted with irresistible features. About 80 percent of women in the modeling industry are plus-size models.

In some part of Africa, Nigerian plus-size models are well endowed women who are creating bewilderment on the internet with their figures.

In this article, I will be able to bring you with the 2 hottest Nigerian models who are causing confusions online.

Roman Goddess

The reigning queen of Instagram in Nigeria, Roman Goddess is really making a lot of upset on Instagram with heavy chest and her curves. She rose to fame in Nigeria with her gigantic chest she has in possession.

Roman Goddess is one of the favorites of Africans who has been able to accrue over thousands of followers on Instagram.

Roman Goddess has represented the African Continent in a lot of modeling sessions in the world.


Ada La Pinky

Ada La Pinky is Nigerian freelance model and a brand ambassador. She is a very gorgeous woman who is equipped with flawless beauty and tremendous huge shape. Ada La Pinky is a redefining beauty queen who is characterized by huge chest, pink lips and heavy backsides. She has made numerous appearances in over 6 beauty pageants shows in Nigeria. Ada La Pinky has always been dazzling and confusing her fans with her bewildering photos.


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