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The timing and quality of the food you eat are very important to your health. Eating junk food at the wrong time can have more drastic health effects.

People who eat late at night do it because of their working hours, some make it a habit.

Eating late at night increases your chances of gaining weight until you become overweight. They can also have a negative impact on heart health.

Eating late at night is usually independent of when you eat it, but it is dangerous for the following reasons:

1. According to, people who eat late at night eat more than people who eat early. Therefore, consume more calories.

2. People who eat late at night have fewer health options than those who eat early.

Despite the fact that this habit is bad, some people will find it difficult to avoid it due to their work schedule. Well, if you are one of that group of people, here are the foods you should not eat.


1. Junk food

A meal consisting mostly of sugar and calories is just as bad as dinner. Eating foods like bread, meat pies, pizza, French fries, and even soda can increase the risk of obesity.

Therefore, avoiding these types of foods should be the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

2. Foods that contain caffeinated coffee.

Eating a diet that includes drinking a cup of coffee can cause sleep problems in humans.

In addition to difficulty sleeping, coffee can increase anxiety in some people. To avoid this, foods containing coffee with coffee should be consumed 6 hours before bedtime.

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3. Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol at night can also be harmful to the body. This affects the quality of sleep you get.

It is recommended not to drink alcohol in the last four hours before going to bed.

Instead, eat foods like

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal also proves to be a great dinner. According to, it contains a compound called melatonin that improves sleep.

2. Whole-grain crackers with cheese

Research has shown that whole grain cheese crackers contain compounds necessary to improve sleep quality.

3. Greek Yogurt


Greek yoghurt is full of protein and antioxidants. This is one good portion of food for dinner. Contains melatonin, which improves sleep quality.

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