Check Out Foods That Could Help Curb Halitosis Or Bad Breath-[CHECK OUT]

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Imagine preparing for a date or a job interview but you are not feeling confident enough due to halitosis or bad breath as it’s commonly called. Halitosis or bad breath can be a big problem if not taken care of and it can dim your confidence as well. How can you have a proper smile on when you have a problem with your breath, well worry no more as there are ways to use your diet to help kick bad breath to the curb.

The problem of bad breath cannot be solved by oral hygiene alone, you must consider what you eat but there are certain foods that can help prevent halitosis or bad breath thus giving a first good impression wherever you may find yourself.

first on the list is raw fruits and vegetables.

Your mouth needs to produce enough saliva and raw fruits and veggies like pear, carrots and apples can do the job perfectly. Raw fruits and veggies clear out the odour-producing bacteria in your mouth. Practising good oral hygiene and eating more fruits and vegetables will put a smile back on your face.

Moreover, apples and citrus.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is very true, an apple a day keeps bad breath at bay. Apples are rich in fibre which neutralizes bad breath however, a well-hydrated mouth is less likely to produce bad breath.


In addition, sugar-free yoghurt.

Yoghurt is rich in protein and calcium and we all know what calcium and protein can do, they strengthen the teeth and enamel thus improving oral hygiene. According to studies, eating about 3 ounces of sugar-free yoghurt daily can help suppress bad breath.

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Quick reminder, water is not food but drinking more water rinses debris from our teeth and keeps the mouth moist at all times which fends off bacteria.

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