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Okra is a vegetable and it grows well in Africa it is widely used for preparing soup which is called okra soup. It can be prepared in many ways but the main thing is that its nutrient value is the same no matter method you use to prepare it.

It is rich in many nutrients that help the body in the management of some diseases. It has an antioxidant property, some of the nutrients found in it include calcium, potassium, dietary fibre, and some vitamins.


1. Okra has a small amount of glycemic index in it and that makes it a good vegetable for those suffering from diabetes mellitus.

2. Okra has the ability to reduce low-density lipoproteins levels of cholesterol in the blood. This property helps prevent coronary heart diseases caused by an increased level of cholesterol.

3. Because of the potassium content in okra it is a good ingredient in reducing high blood pressure, it helps in warding off excessive sodium in the body and also relaxes the blood vessels and by so doing it reduces the pressure in blood flow.


4. Okra is rich in fibre and as a result, helps in easy digestion and excretion of waste product in the body.

5. Okra also contains vitamin A which is good for proper eye functioning and also in healthy immune function.


All these are the benefits one gets by consuming okra soup, you can see it’s good to consume okra at least on

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