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When heart failure is diagnosed, it is often at a severe stage. Often times, there are warning signals that heart failure is beginning.

Infection of the throat is an early sign of heart failure. Covid-19, which likewise targets the respiratory system, is frequently misdiagnosed as causing this symptom.

According to information gathered at the Cleveland Clinic website, heart failure occurs when the heart muscle itself cannot pump blood effectively.

Because the heart is unable to pump as effectively, blood can pool in the veins and lungs.

Because of this, it can lead to organ damage and even cause fluid to build up in the lungs. Long-term, heart failure may get even worse.

What are the warning signs of heart failure, then?

When blood circulation is impaired, oxygen and carbon dioxide are not exchanged adequately in the lungs, leading to these symptoms.

These symptoms often manifest themselves gradually over time.

Coronavirus infection, which can manifest as a respiratory illness, is a common misdiagnosis because of the similarity between the two sets of symptoms.

Heart failure symptoms are often misdiagnosed with Covid-19 in its early stages.

Symptoms that your heart is failing:

WebMD lists several symptoms that should raise suspicion of heart failure.

Inability to catch one’s breath

Difficulty falling asleep



Extreme water retention causes leg, foot, and abdominal swelling.

Appetite suppression

Urinating often

Increased rate of heartbeat

I get worried quite easily.

Heart failure can occasionally occur with relatively minor symptoms, or no symptoms at all.

Heart failure symptoms can vary in intensity and may appear at any time. Heart failure might worsen without treatment.

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There may be an increase in the number and variety of symptoms as the condition worsens.


For this reason, it is crucial to report any new symptoms or a worsening of existing ones to your doctor.

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