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In this article, we list all the important things every man should know before going into a relationship with any woman.

In a previous article, we have listed all the things women need to know before dating any man.

And it does not matter that the relationship is going to be a celibate one. You just need to know these basic things.

In this article, we list all the things men should know before going into a relationship with any woman. And not to worry; even if you are dating already, this knowledge is still useful for you.


1. Consent is everything

Guys, the most important thing to note in this mini sex education is that no is always no. No is not a coded word for yes. If you threatened your partner to get a yes, it’s rape. If you subtly or overtly pressured or used your position to subject someone to say yes,

When she says no, leave her alone even if you know she’s used to playing games. An accusation of rape accusation or the actual act is not something you want to joke with.

When she says no, take it as no.

2. Dating is not equal permission for s3x

All relationships are not s3xual. Some people prefer to practice celibacy. So always ask before beginning the relationship if you are the type to whom s3x means a lot.

That she agrees to be your girlfriend or fiancée is no agreement to have s3x with you.

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3. You don’t need to date to get s3x

On the flipside, s3x can be gotten outside of a ‘traditional’ relationship. People have different forms of s3x-based agreements these days anyway, so just as dating won’t necessarily guarantee s3x, s3x can as well happen without dating.

So no need to pull the jerk move of pretending to date someone just to get s3x with them.

4. Women first

As a gentlemanly rule, always put your woman first during s3x. If she’s not satisfied and you are, you can’t be too happy that you did right in that session.


Putting her first does not mean that sex has to be one-sided it’s just… putting her pleasure first, making her pleasure paramount. Doing your best to make it memorable for her every single time.

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