Check Out 9 Signs You Will Notice When You Have High Blood Sugar Level And Foods You Should Consume To Help Reduce It-[CHECK OUT]

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Sugar is needed by your body in order to provide energy for daily activities. When the amount of sugar in your body becomes too much, it might affect the functioning of your body organs. This could later cause some health conditions such as diabetes to occur. High blood sugar comes with some visible signs that should never be ignored.

Below are signs you will notice when your blood sugar is high.

1. Frequent urination.

When your blood sugar is high, you will tend to urinate frequently. This happens because your kidney and bladder get stimulated thereby becoming overactive.

2. Dehydration and dry mouth.

Too much sugar in your blood makes you to lose water from your body and mouth. Since you have loss much water, your mouth will be dry, you will also feel weak and tired.

3. You will find it difficult to concentrate.

You will find it difficult to concentrate because high blood sugar affects your brain function thereby causing confusion.

4. You will have a blurred vision.

This is an important sign that tells you your blood sugar is above normal. You will not be able to see clearly because your eye function has been affected.

5. You will experience headache and body pains.

Too much sugar causes discomfort in your head and also body pains. This happens because of inflammation of some muscles and cells due to high blood sugar.

6. When your blood sugar is high, it will become difficult for wound to heal.

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When the amount of sugar in your blood is much, wound will take a longer time to heal. This happens because the antibodies in your system has been affected.

7. You may experience shortness of breath.

8. You will experience drowsiness which could make you feel very tired.

9. You will experience nausea and bloating.

There are foods you can consume to help reduce the amount of sugar in your blood. Below are them.

1. Apples.

2. Eggs

3. Oats

4. Citrus fruits

5. Avocados

6. Berries

7. Nuts

8. Okra

9. Sea foods

10. Beans and lentils


11. Flax seeds and chia seeds

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