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That infatuation phase at the beginning of a relationship is the most fun there is. You are super happy with your date and are still discovering each other. But how do you know that your lover is loyal to you if you haven’t put a label on what you are yet? Well, pay special attention to these 8 signs. Such a label does not mean everything, but it often gives a sense of security.


Are you dating the man/woman of your dreams and are you completely in love? Then you want nothing more than for your date to be loyal to you and not spend time with others in the same way. But how can you know that if you haven’t put a label on what you are yet? Pay attention to these 8 characters.

1. You are a priority

Your date makes an effort to see and speak to you and makes time for you. Agreements you have made are always fulfilled, without you having to whine about it.

2. He/she introduces you to friends and family


This is really a big step, and also definitely means that your date is serious about you. You don’t take every fling to your parents, right?!

3. He/she opens up to you and shares things with you

Of course, you don’t throw your whole life story on the table during a first date, but after dating for a while you should start opening up to each other. Do you notice that your date is going to share things with you from his/her past or things that affect him/her? Then you know you’re in the right place.

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4. Your date remembers little things

A simple detail that you mentioned in a story, the name of your rabbit from the past, your great-great grandmother’s name, your date remembers it all. How cute?!

5. He/she uses ‘we’

Your date doesn’t say you and me, but us when he/she talks about something. You are already we in his/her eyes. Yes!

6. You feel welcome in his/her home

This is very important. Someone who is serious with you will make an effort to put you at ease. This also applies to visiting/sleeping in his/her house. You are welcome and that is how you feel.

7. Your date isn’t playing games

This one needs no explanation, right?

8. He/she talks about a future with you


Your date regularly mentions things about the future and mentions the two of you together. That long journey, buying a house, getting married and having children, in that case, he/she is always talking about you together. Sweet!

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