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All of us have our emotional reactions to certain circumstances that are not favorable to us. However, if it gets to a point that emotional reactions are consistently affecting someone from doing the right thing, according to WebMD, this can be a sign of mental problems.

This can happen to people in different ways. It could be bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, anxiety, fear, or depression. These mental problems affect a lot of people worldwide, and you might not be able to easily detect if someone is having them.

However, you will notice that something is wrong with the person. If you notice the following attitudes towards them, it’s a sign that they have a mental problem and need to see a doctor:

1. The person always has a fussy and eccentric mood, and you wonder what’s making them sad. The person has no joy or happy moments even when there are no circumstances around them that warrant it.

2. They feel too excited about things that are not necessarily interesting and unexcited when they ought to be very excited. These extremes of emotions are signs that something is mentally wrong.

3. They abandon personal hygiene activities such as wearing decent clothes, cutting or styling their hair, brushing their teeth, and choosing to walk around barefooted.

4. The person always prefers to be alone or stay indoors. They are unwilling to have relationships with family or friends. If they’re forced to be among friends or family, they don’t participate in social interactions.



5. They have a sleep disorder. Sometimes they sleep too much or find it difficult to sleep. They also have appetite disorders, such as eating too much or refusing to eat when they should.

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6. All of us get angry when we feel cheated or disappointed. However, our anger should be in moderation. Extremities of anger are a sign of mental problems. When anger becomes uncontrollable, there’s a need for mental medical care.

7. We all have hobbies that interest us, such as playing games, watching movies, or watching football matches. When someone has a mental problem, they lose interest in those activities that once caught their interest.


8. They worry too much about things that don’t seem to be out of their control. They are extremely afraid that something will go wrong, even when it won’t.

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