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According to healthline It’s common in Ghana for people to nibble on bananas and groundnuts together. Although both bananas and groundnuts are delicious on their own or with other meals, many people prefer eating them together. Bananas and ground nuts are still the most popular flavor combinations. It can also serve as a filling meal for lunch or dinner. Bananas and groundnuts are also eaten due to their all-natural status. People who are trying to keep to a healthy diet may find that bananas with groundnuts are more satisfying than baked or processed goods. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin C are just few of the nutrients found in abundance in bananas.

Many vitamins and minerals can be found in groundnuts, as reported by webmd. Add them up and you’ll realize just how good for you they are. So, let’s take a look at the peanut and banana benefits today.

The health benefits include: (1) improved cardiovascular health

Bananas, which are rich in potassium, pair well with groundnuts, which are also beneficial for your heart. Potassium helps keep the heart in check and lowers blood pressure. Because of this, it’s safe for use by those with hypertension.

Supports slimming down, for two reasons

Aiming to trim down? Load up on bananas and peanuts. Bananas’ soluble fibers keep you full for longer. This means you won’t be as hungry as usual and can go longer between meals. Furthermore, it has few calories, making it an excellent choice for dieters. Though moderation is key while consuming bananas and groundnuts, as well as anything else. Remember that groundnuts are high in fat, which is best avoided.

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Improves HDL cholesterol levels

Consumption of groundnuts raises “good” cholesterol while reducing “bad” cholesterol. High levels of poor cholesterol are a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and other health issues. On the other hand, your body needs healthy cholesterol, which is abundant in groundnuts.

4. Protein in Abundance

High levels of protein in groundnuts aid in the body’s creation of energy, as reported by medicalnewstoday. Bananas have a high fiber and protein content. Fruits like bananas and ground nuts are great for growing children since they provide lots of healthy protein.

Foods high in antioxidants are 5 of the best things you can eat

Antioxidants strengthen the immune system and protect the body from illness by eliminating harmful microorganisms. It’s useful for warding off free radicals, which can damage healthy cells in the body. Due to their high antioxidant content, bananas and peanuts are great additions to any healthy diet.

Aids in digestion, number

Bananas are beneficial to digestion because the resistant starch they contain acts as a prebiotic, encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine and promoting general gut health. Furthermore, banana fiber helps digestion by easing constipation and other gastrointestinal issues.

Seven, it helps bring down glucose levels.

Bananas and other high-fiber foods, including peanuts, are recommended by doctors and dietitians. Why? Because eating meals high in fiber can help bring down blood sugar levels. Researchers in 2018 found that those who ate the most fiber had the best control over their blood sugar levels and were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes later in life. So, two healthy Nigerian dishes that are also suitable for those with diabetes are banana and groundnut.

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The health of your brain and your disposition will both see an increase from this.


Have you ever seen someone eat a banana and a handful of peanuts while they were really angry? In all honesty, I have no idea. Bananas are a good source of the amino acid tryptophan, which has been shown to elevate one’s disposition. In addition to being good for the brain, they can boost a person’s memory and learning skills. But groundnuts have been shown to protect against Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia due to their abundance of niacin, resveratrol, and vitamin E. As can be seen, both bananas and groundnuts are good for your health in a number of ways. Daily consumption of this food combination is recommended.

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