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The heart is a very vital organ in the body that helps to keep humans alive. This means that, the heart needs to be properly taken care of to prevent heart diseases, heart attacks or heart failures which could either result in death or, heart damage.

Many people are aware of heart attacks sadly, not many are aware of heart failure. Heart attacks are usually sudden and are characterized by, sudden and severe pain in the chest which may result in death

However, heart failure occurs gradually and people may often mistake it for other common problems like indigestion. The danger with heart failure is that it occurs gradually and before many people discover it, it might have caused severe damage to the heart already.

According to Mayoclinic, heart failure occurs when the heart muscle doesn’t pump blood as well as it should. When this happens, blood often backs up and fluid can build up in the lungs, causing shortness of breath. Heart failure is very common in Nigeria according to statistics over 100 thousand Nigerians suffer from heart failure yearly.

Here Are Seven(7) Signs Of Heart Failure You Should Always Watch Out For

1. Rapid Weight Gain: heart failure causes fluids (water) to build up in the body which makes a person start adding weight rapidly.

If you notice that you have suddenly started adding so much weight without trying it might be a sign of heart failure.

2. Shortness Of Breath: shortness of breath means the inability to breathe well. If you notice that you lose your breath for no tangible reason, it might be a sign of heart failure.

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Shortness of breath caused by heart failure usually occurs when a person is lying down or, performs certain activities.

3. Weakness: weakness is usually caused by tiredness and people normally get tired after a long day’s work or after some serious activity. But if you notice that you are constantly feeling weak or tired for no justifiable reason it might be a warning sign that your heart is failing.

4. loss Of Appetite And Nausea: a person is said to have lost their appetite when they no longer feel hungry or have the urge to eat. Nausea means a strong urge to vomit.

So, when a person losses their appetite for food and starts feeling the urge to vomit it might be a sign of heart failure.

5. Confusion And Lack Of Concentration: when the heart stops pumping blood properly, the brain suffers and the brain is responsible for concentration, memory etc.

So, when people hearts are failing they might start getting confused regularly, loss concentration easily, and might feel disoriented, they may even have problems remembering things.

6. Swelling Of The Legs And Feet: when the kidney is not getting enough blood it begins to retain fluids some of which stores themselves in the legs and feet. If your legs and feet start swelling, it might be a sign of heart failure

7. Irregular Heartbeat: if you notice that, your heart is either beating fast or, unusually slow it might be a sign of heart failure. Your heartbeat is supposed to have a rhythm and if that rhythm suddenly changes it is time to make an appointment with your doctor.

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Once you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in your body, it is time for you to visit your doctor because, if your organs are not getting the blood they require, it can lead to organ failure.


Heart failure also damages the heart. So make sure you see your doctor immediately after you notice these signs.


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