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Breasts are commonly seen as symbols of female sexuality, have different sizes, and can become a reason for torture during PMS (premenstrual tension). Therefore, if you are a woman and have ever been bothered by something in relation to them, rest assured that you are not alone. According to the specialists, the organs can interfere with self-esteem and well-being. Below are answers to some curiosities about them.

1 – They have different sizes

The human body is asymmetrical. In the case of breasts, which are very vascularized organs, in most cases, the left is larger than the right. Asymmetry is an evidence in women, but without any proven scientific explanation. In some cases, when they are too big, plastic surgery is recommended for correction.

2 – They are sensitive

The sensibility modifies according to the menstrual cycle. After the middle of the period, the elevation of the progesterone hormone rate causes water and salt retention in the body. This swelling develops hypersensitivity, which can cause discomfort, burning, or stinging.

However, only women who are genetically sensitive to the action of the hormone go through this phase. At this time of the month, intimacy can be a cause of pain, and the partner needs to be careful and understand.

3 – They really do fall

The main reason is age. After menopause, the mammary glands atrophy due to lack of hormones and become “fat receptacles”. However, there are physical factors that can influence whether the breasts fall more or less, such as breast size. Women who are thin and tall have more loose connective tissue, responsible for structural support, than those who are short and heavier.

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And, attention, because the effect of losing weight and gaining weight frequently can anticipate the process, which is called ptosis. To delay it, experts recommend the use of appropriate bras — pieces that give support so that the weight of the breasts is not on the skin of the chest, but on the straps.

4 – They affect self-esteem

The breasts are commonly seen as a symbol of female sexuality, according to experts. They compare its importance to the penis for men. For being so linked to the woman’s identity, is that many seek to remodel them with silicone implants or reduction.

That is also why breast reconstruction is a procedure covered by professionals, and also as part of the breast cancer treatment.


5 – Intimacy

Because they are highly vascularized and sensitive, the breasts are important erogenous zones. Unlike what many people think, intimate self-knowledge is not centered on the vagina. As far as intimacy is concerned, it is important that a woman knows her entire body. Since breasts are easily accessible, they can expand the possibilities of pleasure and be responsible for orgasm – for two or not.


6 – Some don’t like to be touched

Despite being at arousal points, there are women who can’t stand (even) being touched in this part of the body (breasts). The reasons range from simply not feeling pleasure, having frequent hypersensitivity or trauma from past experiences. In the latter case, when touch causes distress and suffering, therapy can be a way out to achieve well-being. So don’t be ashamed. Just like any sexual-caress, it will only be useful if you feel well.


7 – What not to do with them

It is important to understand – once again – that breasts are sensitive and, therefore, maneuvers that put their physical integrity at risk and that may cause injuries are not welcome. The woman must set the limits and the partner must respect them. Some people feel pleasure through pain, but, if this is the case, it must be agreed in advance. Therefore, biting and squeezing, in most cases, make it impossible to feel pleasure and can interrupt a satisfactory relationship.

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